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Manufacturer provides a 12 month warranty on the purchased goods in compliance with the consumer protection laws of Ukraine currently in force.

Detailed provisions and terms of the warranty are listed below:

1. General

1.1. Manufacturer shall have warranty obligations with regards to the sold goods. Warranty service shall be provided in the manufacturer’s BP TOUCH trademark service centre. Warranty service includes testing, repair at no cost, replacing goods by the goods with similar specifications, or offering a refund, the amount of which is to be determined by the service centre.
1.2. Warranty period shall start from the time of sale of the goods by the Manufacturer.
1.3. The Buyer shall bring the goods for warranty repair and take it back from repair at his/her own cost.
1.4. The warranty shall imply discharge of warranty obligations within the entire period of sale of the specific model by the Company, plus 12 months upon termination of sales.

2. Warranty Terms

2.1. Warranty Service shall be provided, unless:
2.1.1. the goods were damaged during handling or storage, or rules of operation have been violated, including various mechanical, thermal and electrical damage, such as:
(a) damage caused by penetration of foreign matter, objects, liquids, insects, animals inside the product;
(b) damage caused by application of non-standard equipment or equipment, which was not tested for compatibility;
(c) damage caused by acts of God, fire, social factors;
(d) damage caused by non-conformity of parameters of power lines, telecommunication and cable networks, other external factors (climatic and others) to the national standards.
2.1.2. there is damage caused by use of non-standard spare parts, components, software, cleaning agents; damage caused by failure to meet term and frequency of technical and preventive maintenance;
2.1.3. there are traces of outside interference or unauthorized attempts to perform repair;
2.1.4. warranty seals or the Manufacturer’s stickers are damaged;
2.1.5. the Manufacturer’s stickers are damaged, illegible, have been re-pasted or removed.
2.2. Warranty obligations shall not cover the following:
2.2.1. damage done to other equipment integrated with the given product;
2.2.2. compatibility of the given product with products and software of any third parties, namely, system configuration and driver installation.
2.3. Warranty shall not cover packaging and connecting cables.
2.4. Consequential loss disclaimer. The Company hereby disclaims any liability whatsoever for any damage (including all cases of loss of profit, business interruption, loss of business information, or other financial loss) relating to use or inability to use the purchased goods.
2.5. Waiver of other warranties. The Company hereby disclaims all other warranties, expressed or implied, including (but not limited to) warranty on spending capacity and compliance with special requirements.


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