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The company has won a major tender

BPTouch on the world market: trust - means to win. BPTouch Company took part in the tender , which was conducted by FastPay. And today the first batch of glass went to new owners. ..

There is a new firmware

In «BPTouch» a new firmware ! Now, a dialog box appears with the long-term retention finger on the screen to the settings. This means that now work with the settings will be much easier and faster than before. Also, there have been changes in the internal circuit board mounting system. Through them it is possible to avoid the overheating of the wireless components that directly ..

Release of the diagonals 19 and 21.5 inches

In the near future our company will be launched in the production of touch screens BP TOUCH 4:3 diagonal of 19" and 16:9 diagonal of 21.5". ..


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