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About brand

BP TOUCH produces high-quality high-precision infrared touch-sensitive glass (touch screens).

BP TOUCH touch-sensitive glass is manufactured in Ukraine at SPETSGROUP Ltd. production facilities.

SPETSGROUP Ltd. is a diversified company engaged in production and maintenance of payment terminals, information kiosks and automated systems for payment for goods and services.

BP TOUCH touch-sensitive glass meets international quality standards ISO 9001, ISO14001 and OC080000, providing for safety of devices. BP TOUCH glass is made of high-quality components.

We use special glass production techniques to ensure it is tamper-proof.

Touch screen production industry is fairly young, yet BP TOUCH trademark has gained a reputation of the ultimate leader of this industry in Ukraine and the CIS countries.

In January 2015 BP TOUCH trademark entered a world market, and has established itself as a leader from the start. According to experts, BP TOUCH touch-sensitive glass is a fair alternative to expensive European and American infrared touch-sensitive glass and cheap Chinese glass of poorer quality.

Working with BP TOUCH trademark means reliability and durability of devices produced by SPETSGROUP Ltd.


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